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Q.  I worked for Seven Counties Services, Inc. many years ago and recently returned as a Laurus employee.  Are you at liberty to speak about how  Laurus employee’s may or may not be affected by what is going on? I have also been told there is a 2 year contract with Laurus and I am wondering if that is correct and if that contract is part of the bankruptcy in any way.  I know that a lot is uncertain at this time, but I have some uneasiness about the security of my position as I’m sure a lot of people do.  I appreciate the updates and availability of information that you and the board are providing.

 A.    We have a contract with Laurus with a no fault 90 day exit. The Chapter 11 filing has not affected the contract.   The Chapter 11 will have no effect, we think, on your position. The managed care experience may shrink services a bit. For example, we have closed some clinical positions in Children’s services by not refilling vacancies. We will see how this proceeds but it is unrelated to our Chapter 11 activity and similar to what is occurring at every other CMHC.  How this affects your position or any other positions is uncertain at this time.  Division Directors are working hard to maximize the talent we have so that we may contiue o our current level of employment.