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Organizational Profile

Seven Counties Services, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation is the state designated regional  behavioral health care and developmental services provider. Seven Counties delivers community-based treatment, support and services for persons with severe mental illnesses, children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. We offer community-based and residential treatment and services for adults and adolescents with addictions.

Seven Counties is widely recognized for innovation and effectiveness in the fields of mental health, addictions treatment, developmental services and prevention. We are fully accredited by the Joint Commission. Seven Counties serves more than 31,000 individuals each year at service centers and 120 JCPS schools; assist more than 55,000 callers each year through the Hope Now Hotline; and receive more than 60,000 unique visitors each month at
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Mission Statement
The mission of Seven Counties Services is to build healthy communities by helping individuals and families who are affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions and abuse realize their potential.

Vision Statement
The vision of Seven Counties Services is that all persons affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions and abuse live satisfying, productive and valued lives in our community.

Ethical Principals
Seven Counties' general ethical principles reflect the organization's fundamental commitment to provide competent mental health, developmental/intellectual disability and substance abuse services to its clients, consumers and stakeholders.

Ethical Principle 1 – Professionalism - All employees are expected to perform their work assignments competently and in a professional manner.

Ethical Principle 2 - Dignity and Worth - Employees respect the human dignity and worth of every individual served.

Ethical Principle 3 Competency -Employees practice within the limits of their competency as defined by training, licensure, certification, experience, and the boundaries of assigned roles within the agency.

Ethical Principle 4 - Integrity and Evidence-Based Practice -Employees provide services with integrity and consistent with evidence-based practices.

Ethical Principle 5 - Self-Determination - Employees promote the independence and autonomy of Seven Counties’ clients and consumers.

Ethical Principle 6 - Billing and Internal Controls - Employees comply with all laws and regulations governing billing and internal controls and provide services in keeping with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.



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